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System for monitoring management of full  reefers  units, has as one of its objectives  to record  temperatures (Supplay and Return). Register alarms with ticket openings to the client's reefer service. Chart of the temperature variation. Patio inventory information panel and control of alarms and monitoring. Use of Data Collectors or PDAs for registration, using technologies through WiFi or 3G. Providing information on the Web with access restricted by user and password.

Auxiliary Registration

SISMO is composed of auxiliary tables that compose the registry and its respective controls. The auxiliary registry, for example, product / merchandise, requiring a specific parameterization for each item registered. This parameterization is used at the time of monitoring (registires) and also in the composition of the analysis of the daily or period monitoring chart. All products must comply with the requirement of registration: Maximum and Minimum Temperature, Humidity and Ventilation of the product

Receiving Containers

Receiving the Container starts the entrance of the unit in the yard becoming part of the physical inventory and also of the daily / period monitoring.

The containers are received from Exports by Road and Import unload, it is possible to change the receiving origin after its inclusion through the origin Change item.

The temperature information entered on the receiving is included

in the measurements as the In Temperature.
It is possible to print the label with the bar code that identify the
Note.: It is possible to integrate with the terminal / port operating

Monitoring Panel

The Supply Temperature Log will have as one of its objectives to criticize the temperatures if it is out of range according to the booking or B/L data, and mainly of the product registered among the container

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