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Battery Charger Troubleshooting (30-00460-06)

RG Gensets with PIDs greater than RG2059/Tier 4, RG1862/Tier 4i and UGs greater than UG2019/Tier 4, UG1820/Tier 4i have a new battery charger (pn 30-00460-06). The -06 charger looks similar to the
-04 and -05 but are not interchangeable due to internal components. The -06 can be used as a replacement for the -05 with some modification to the plug, but the -05 should not be used as a replacement for the -06.


Ferramentas necessárias Tools Required:
DC Amp Meter Multimeter (DC Voltage)

1. Connect a DC current clamp to the Red (+) wire on the DC output harness to the battery.

You may need to slide back or carefully cut back the black tubing covering sleeve to get access to the red wire on the fitting of the current clamp.

2. With the Genset unit off, hold the air intake heater switch on for 30 seconds.

3. Turn the Genset unit on and note the current draw on the current clamp.

After troubleshooting is complete, tape the tubing back over the wires.

If it is determined that the battery charger is bad, it is important to document the amperage and voltage findings on the RMA (return material authorization) to assist with future analysis of the failed part.

Battery Charger Circuit (Reference)

Follow local lockout tagout procedures when trouble shooting.

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