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ML5 Software Loading Procedure SWR 6324

1. Place the Start-Stop switch (ST) to “I” to turn the unit On. Wait for controller information to be displayed.

2. Insert the USB flash drive, containing controller software, into the controller micro USB port.

3. Press the ALT. MODE key on the keypad.

4. Use the Arrow keys until “USb” is displayed, then press the ENTER key.

NOTE: If “no USb” is displayed, wait up to 15 seconds for this message to be replaced with a different message. If “no USb” continues to be displayed, remove and insert the USB flash drive and repeat steps 3 and 4.

5. Use the Arrow keys until “UP LoAd” is displayed, then press the ENTER key.

6. “LOAd XXXX” is now on the display. If more than one ML5 software revision file is on the USB flash drive at the root level, press the Arrow keys until the desired revision is displayed.

7. Press the ENTER key to load the software to the controller.

8. When “PULL USB NOW” is displayed, remove the USB drive from the port.

9. The following messages will appear to confirm successful programming: “LoAd SoFt” and “Pro SoFt” will each appear for several seconds and then “Restart” appears briefly. Then, the controller restarts.

10. As the controller starts up, the message “Cd 18” displays the new software loaded and then “Pro donE” appears.

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Refer to the PrimeLINE unit OPERATION AND SERVICE manual for loading the software to the unit.

Manual: T-372 PrimeLINE models 69NT40-571-001 to 199. Refer to Section 7.27 for procedure.

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Before downloading the ML-5 Software, you agree that you have read and will be bound to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement.

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